40'ft Refurbished shipping, storage, cargo containers 20FT $1900 REFURBISHED/PAINTED GREAT CONDITION 40ft $2100 REFURBISHED & PAINTED IN GREAT CONTION Wind & Water Tight. Cargo Worthy Container: A used unit that you can consider safe for immediate travel and shipment. We deliver our containers directly at your preferred location for long term or short term on-site storage. Send your...


I got 3 horses for sale... 1.The black one is either 16 0r 17 yrs old and looks pretty good I have had the horse for 5 years and has been a pretty good horse. He is gelded.If he is put in a large pasture, he is kinda difficult to catch even with feed... He needs someone that has time to take up with him..But if he is kept in kind of a smaller pen he can usually be caught pretty easy with some f...
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